SO China is the gateway but furthermore the guide for your business in China. We make a difference by thorough knowledge of Chinese business  combined with the informal networking culture that is typical Chinese. We won’t drop a bombshell  when we say that now is the time for excellent opportunities for your company in China. We will help your business to take full advantage of China’s business opportunities.

The added value

So China is led by two Dutchmen who are capable of speaking the Chinese language (Mandarin) and who are familiar with the Chinese way of doing business. This enables us to track your interests as a Western company to keep a sharp eye. We have a large network of people and companies within China, therefore we can provide great business oppurtunities.

CSR (corporate social responsibility)

Unfortunately,  business  in  China still does not always go according the same values  ​​we are used to in the West. SO China will therefore only partner up with companies and factories that do not use  child labor or exploit people. We also have extensive knowledge in the field of environmental and legal issues so we can advise you here constantly.