The Chinese economy is depending on the export of goods out of China. The countries currency and the populations salary is kept low to encourage the export of goods. This is a opportunity for foreign companies to import goods from China. We assist companies to make the import of goods from China easier and safer. We guarantee to meet your demands for quality and delivery.


In China there is a very wide offer of goods from which company’s can choose. These products can be of good quality and available against a good price. For foreign companies is it very difficult to find the right supplier in China, because of the large offer in the country. SO China has a very sufficient network in China that will help you find the product that you are looking for.


The Western World and China are very different in many ways. For most companies it is very difficult to do business in China. The Chinese culture is unique in it’s habits and features, of which some have great value to the Chinese people. SO China is able to guide companies when entering this new market and also provides them information while doing business in China.


In the biggest part of Asia the languages differ from the Western World. This language difference can be problematic for business between these two worlds. SO China offers ways to remove these problems by translating business communication. SO China is able to translate almost any language in Asia.